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Pong Whiffy

Working on something new! A game about being stinky, called Pong Whiffy.


Submarine Progress

I’ve got a whole bunch more done on the art and code side of things for this prototype.

Submarine prototype

Last night I built a little prototype for a submarine game. It turned out suprisingly fun! Might someday turn it into something bigger.

You can play it here:

Arrows – Move
Space – Shoot

Left-stick – Move
RT, RB, or A – Shoot

Double bounce walk and future game sneak peek.

Messing around with a double bounce walk for a future game.

Messing around with a double bounce walk for a future game #gamedev #animation

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It’s been a while!

Ok, so apparently I’ve been extremely neglectful of my site as of late.

So I’ve made a fancy new theme and I promise to keep it updated more regularly with all my latest projects.

I’ve mostly been working on video game stuff recently, so there’ll be a ton of updates as I progress on the various projects.

In the meantime, here’s a game I’ve just released, called SHEWTIPOW:


Clean up after yourself would ya?